“Penis is Right Here”

This revelation was announced one night over Jasmine Tea at a Chinese restaurant in Sea Point…

A few weeks ago I joined my Llama Lladies in celebrating Jan’s birthday. (The name was inspired by our llove of the llama song, in case you were wandering). And what a night it was!

We had a group of Irish tourists, about our age, at a table nearby and joked about getting their attention… Which Mic did by laughing so hard she tipped over in her chair! We, as good friends, laughed with her 🙂

On a serious note, she was perfectly fine and even asked why we didn’t catch it on camera HaHa. Stronj’!!

After a great meal and good company, it was time to settle down with some Jasmine tea and fortune cookies… Of which mine was the MOST exciting one ever! Seriously… “Honesty is the best policy”. I know, Earth shattering stuff…

As a result Van offered to share her fortune with me. We split it right down the middle and so I read out my section, ” Time of joy and hap”. I then asked her to read out her section…

“Piness” she said very loudly before we erupted into laughter, and then a bit softer “is right here” which produced even more laughter! It had split right between the P’s… When put together, the original, full message was quite a nice fitting one actually: “Time of joy and happiness is right here”

And it really was 🙂



  1. swordwaif Said:

    What a great night that was!! And I still have my half of the Fortune in my wallet! A momento for the ages.

    Lluv u Llady

  2. Janel Said:

    I also have my half in my wallet 🙂

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