Talking about the Weather

Or rather the weatherman..

Has anyone else noticed the unusual weatherman for ETV news? With his Dutch surname but American accent, he leaves one wandering about where he came from. Ex-pat who’s come home? Is he a member of the “foreign exchange weatherman” programme? 

Regardless of where he comes from, I actually enjoy watching him. He’s energetic and expressive, without being cheesy, cough SABC weather cough. He also seems to actually know what he’s talking about and gives lots of info and not just the highs and lows. He’s not too bad on the eyes either 😉 Also, I must say I find it fascinating listening to his pronunciation of the harder SA names. Such as Mpumalanga and Vereniging. It sort of reminds me of the voice that reads SMS’s sent to landline numbers…

Well that’s all I wanted to say 😉 Been quite buy with varsity deadlines (2months till its all over!) so have neglected my blogging duties… But there’ll be a longer post next week about attending the SA Comedy Awards with Jeremy. Been too busy to do proper write up and don’t want to spoil any jokes for those watching it this Saturday evening on SABC 2.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. shebee Said:

    Oooh, Derek van Dam, or as he has come to be known online, DVD has hos own blog.

    He seems like an absolute sweetheart and has me enthralled every morning watching eTV.

    I agree, not hard on the eye at all 😉

  2. Janel Said:

    Hmmm I did a little googling and indeed found the blog of Mr DVD 😉
    Flip seems the man also has a heart of gold!

    All I can say is: for all my weather needs I now tune into E 😉

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