I now declare this blog open!

So this is my first official blog post… You can read a little bit about me on the “Who Is Janel Anyway” page. 

As I’ve explained there, this blogging thing is kind of new to me. I read blogs all the time, but with a little nudge and advice from my boyfriend, I decided it was time to start my own.

This is a very short post for now, as I need to get back to spray painting a serving trolley (which will probably be the topic of my next, longer post)…

Hope your Monday’s been good so far 🙂


  1. Jerm Said:

    Congrats on your blog.

    It’s quite pretty. Like the blogger herself…

  2. shebee Said:

    Oh boy, you’ve crossed over to the dark side now, babe!

    Get blogging some and I’ll introduce my readers to you. You’ll never hear the end of them though, they’re like flies. In a good way.

    Um… ja. Nevermind.

    Yay! Congrats Janel!

  3. Janel Said:

    Thanks guys 🙂

    Sheena, I think the bug has bitten, there will definately be more posts soon, and a nice SPAM message to all my friends to come have a peak.

    Your readers seem like wonderful people 🙂 so they’re more than welcome too!

  4. shebee Said:

    Hehe, Talfer said to me the other day “Hey, could you put up on your blog that you want X laptop, cos they (the readers) will get it for you – they’re nice like that”. Jokes aside, they really are wonderful people. I’ve only ever come into contact with one psycho over the net.

    I’m a very lucky and blessed girl to have made friends through my blog. Its become a big part of my life, I’m sure you will enjoy it 🙂

  5. Brent Taylor Said:

    Hey Janel!

    Awesome trolley! I am still in the process of designing my blog!


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