The Evolution of a Pea

OK, so I promised to add some pics of my trolley and I keep my word. So here they are 🙂

I decided to show some of the stages of development too, from concept to completion.

The inspiring image of the pea pod structure.

As I’ve mentioned, the inspiration came from a pea pod. This idea struck me whilst having some homemade veg soup, which my mom makes to perfection 🙂

I then looked at some images and this one stuck with me. There is a central “spine” that the peas are attached to, this formation is what I used for the top tray, which serves as wine bottle and glass rack.

I had the 3 trays made out of MDF board that were then sprayed a really dark brown. I also had the template I designed for the bottles and glasses cut out of the top one.



Then all the steel work of the frame needed to be done. I went out to a steel factory out in the industrial area. The guy in the office was so helpful (which was great for a change) and got the steel cut and ready for the next day. I then took it all to my friend Mic’s varsity, where it was put together with amazing help from her and Charlie. (He’s been helping students in the workroom for the last 20 years! And without him it may still be lying in pieces…) 

After all the drilling and welding, with additional fixing done with dad’s help, it was time to give my trolley a bit of a makeover. After a few cans or spray paint and help from my mom… “sweatpea” was ready to face the world! And my lecturers…


I will let you guys know what their final verdict is, but I love her 🙂 Hope you do too!



  1. Jerm Said:

    It looks superb.

  2. Janel Said:

    Thank you 🙂
    Your support is always appreciated!

  3. Trish Said:

    I’m impressed!

  4. Janel Said:

    Thanks Trish.
    I must admit at times I thought it looked like an alien HaHa. But happy with how it turned out.

  5. janice Said:

    i think she’s lovely too 🙂 do you get to keep her?

  6. Janel Said:

    Yip. I made and paid for her 😉 So now just to work out where she’ll fit in the house! HeeHee

  7. shebee Said:

    Oh wow, very innovative 🙂

    Could you come do my place next?

  8. Janel Said:

    For sure! You can pay me by giving me your GHD 😉
    Thanks for the kind words.

  9. Vanessa Said:

    Oooohhh so this is what you been learning to do for the last three years…I’d say you got your money’s worth lady! I’m totally impressed and stoked for you! You’re a very talented person-thing. Did you enjoy the project?

  10. Janel Said:

    HeeHee thanks 😉
    I enjoyed it, but it was also very frustraing having to try and manage suppliers and do internship at the same time. The one lecturer asked that we draft a letter with all our complaints and suggestions as many of us had problems.
    You can see more of what I’ve been learning in my new page: Interior What?

  11. Karl Said:

    Awesome, well done!

  12. mic Said:

    she looks great!!

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