Being hit by a trolley…

So today I feel terrible… I’m horribly sleep deprived, so listless and not really motivated to do much more than write this really 😉


I was up till 3am putting together final touches on my trolley and then going on the long drive to bring it to my varsity.


OK, little background to the trolley story. Every year we have to design and produce a prototype. First year we had to make a lamp, second year a storage unit, and this year it’s a serving trolley (we were less than thrilled at this announcement). It had to be able to work as a server for wine, food, desserts and so on, as well as a side table in a room whilst stationary.


After much talk about concepts with our one lecturer, I started thinking about what holds things in nature? And I started playing with the ideas of pods, a pea pod in particular. After a while I had a design and was ready to begin looking for someone to make it. I had managed the other two with the help of my folks, but this new one was on a slightly larger scale…


There were two main components, timber elements and a steel framework. A contact I’d made during my internship did all the wood work for me and in no time at all, but every steel guy gave me the same line “too busy and the project is too small”.


So with help from family and some friends, I ended up putting the thing together myself, again… There are a couple of things that didn’t quite go as planned, but on a whole I love her 🙂 (yes she is female as she has lovely curves). I’ll try and upload some of the pictures I took when I get home later.


But for now the point of the story is that I’m relieved that it’s done, but beyond tired today! Luckily I’m breaking routine to go have lunch with my dad in the sun 🙂


Another thing about me is that I LOVE summer! I’m a Feb baby and therefore have it in my blood I reckon. My pale skin may not always like the sun, but my mood sure does!



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